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listen well here timothy

this here is what we called a marijuana, you see it closely resembles the Christmas tree on my ugly old lady sweater, but do not be fooled timothy. this is not the same plant.


I wish it was socially acceptable to smell like cannabis, instead of tobacco. 

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Berry White getting a haircut!
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Ready for my trip
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Dan Shelton fab egg with a quartz Mothership bucket
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Medical marijuana: Boynton Beach will temporarily ban dispensaries
(BizJournals) Boynton Beach commissioners unanimously voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries for one year if Florida voters approve legalization Nov. 4, according to WPTV-5.
The moratorium will allow the city to work out regulations for dispensaries, Vice Mayor Joe Casello told the TV station. Coconut Creek and Boca Raton are considering similar delays.
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